Oregon sturgeon fishing Guide Bill Green

Oregon Fishing Guide Bill Green is a native to the area with over 25 years of experience fishing the Columbia & Willamette rivers. Along with the Coastal & Gorge areas of the Pacific Northwest & Alaska. Bill has devoted his life long passion for fishing into his career as an Oregon Fishing Guide and enjoys putting anglers of all experience levels on the fish. It has been said he enjoys watching people on his boat catch fish as much as he likes catching them himself. Bill is very friendly and a likable guy who enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors with his family and friends Hunting deer & elk, fishing, shed hunting, Snowboarding, biking & hiking.

Salmon is his favourite fish to pursue but he also enjoys the thrill of chasing the enormous Sturgeon of the Pacific Northwest as well as Steelhead and Shad. If you are looking for an Oregon sturgeon fishing Guide You can be assured Bill Green will work hard to get you into fish! Catching fish is what he does & he does it well!

By constantly networking with other guides and staying up to date with the latest fishing trends, Bill is one of the top producing professional Oregon fishing guides of the Pacific Northwest. You will appreciate his cleanliness and close attention to detail while aboard his beautiful 24-foot custom North River aluminum fishing boat. It features a full top with a heated cabin that can also be removed on sunny days. Along with his boat, Bill uses only top quality equipment including Lamiglas Fishing rods & Shimano fishing reels! He also uses the best bait & tackle money can buy. You truly will not be disappointed with the Quality trip you receive from Professional Oregon fishing guide Bill Green!

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